Cookies policy

Using the website, the user agrees to the use of cookies in the manner and for the purposes defined by this policy.

This website uses cookies of their own and third parties for the purpose of providing competitive services, including personalization of the information they provide.

We use cookies for:

  • Personalize the store’s offer by using referrals and storing information about customer-preferred preferences and products.
  • Acquisition of anonymous statistics regarding traffic and the way of navigating the website. The data collected helps us to improve our services and offer attractive content.
  • Manage compelling ads that meet users’ expectations and needs.
  • Identification of all user devices and browsers used to view store pages.

The cookies used on the website are never used to identify the users of the website. Using the website, cookies of third parties are also sent,which are used to compile anonymous aggregated statistics and ad management. Detailed information on how cookies are used by these entities can be found on their websites.

The service user may refuse to support cookies by adjusting the configuration settings of his internet browser. Due to the solutions used on the website, refusing to support cookies may result in incorrect functioning of the website and make it impossible to personalize the store’s offer to the user’s needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies (also called “cakes”) are small files stored in your internet browser that are used to recognize a user when entering the store and browsing their website.

Cookies are divided into one-time (linked only to the current visit to the site), long-term (active until a certain time) and permanent (valid until the time of deletion).

  • How to cancel support for cookies and what will be the consequences?
  • Disabling support for cookies will cause the following store functionalities to not be supported:
  • View recently viewed products
  • Display of selected personalized recommendations
  • Store items in the shopping cart after closing the browser

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to turn off cookie support in the most frequently used internet browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome


Detailed information about the cookie policy can be found here.